Saturday, October 10, 2009

Style Icon: Emma Pillsbury

Being a musical lover, I am in love with Glee, it's unabashed cheesyness and cute characters. But lately something other than the catchy musical numbers has caught my eye. Emma Pillsbury, the obsessively neat guidance councilor, has a completely adorable wardrobe which is the highlight of the show. She's very prim and proper, but adds a cheeky and colourful element to every outfit.

I love how Emma wears different shades of one colour in an outfit, as above, in shades of sunny yellow. I would have never done monochromatic to this extreme myself, but she pulls it of so effortlessly, melding the mustard of the skirt, the pale yellow of the shirt with apparent ease that i'm thinking again. She does the preppy, vintage-y look in such a delightful way, and gives a fresh, quirky take on wardrobe basics.

Lady-Bird Kisses,


  1. This is Brilliant, but don't you think your a little abscessed(not that that is a bad thing).

  2. I love that kind of style, it's just that I would never want to wear it myself! It's a little too old school, nevertheless very cute!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I agree, her style is lovely, such a cute idea to wear different shades of one colour


  4. ah, Miss Erinna, your every post makes me swoon!

    It works so well when someone really commits to a colour or theme in an outfit. I saw a young lad on the tram the other day wearing tasteful but not exactly exciting clothes - he was very casual, if it was not for the fact he was dressed completely clean black and crisp white. Even his socks! It really made an impression.

    I suppose sometimes, when putting together an outfit, you just have to stick to your guns. Nevermind looking too matchy-matchy. In fact, in there any such thing?

    Keep posting!

  5. I haven't watched Glee but I love her outfits! Isn't that Charlie from Ugly Betty?

  6. The 3rd from last picture is a very attractive one... Lol! This is so cool tho! I love it!