Friday, October 9, 2009

Dreams of Paris, as always

So it has been a very busy week of back-to-school assignments, exams and dreary mornings,and yet in another part of the world the crisp autumn leaves have begun falling, early-morning croissants are being spread with jam, and of course, fashionistas are tottering around cobbled lane ways, their heels making that self-assuring click-clack of confidence that fierce heels seem to give, and waking up to early morning front-row seats at shows rather than seats in maths class. Know where I'm thinking of? Why Paris, of course! Even though I wasn't able to be there myself (obviously!), endless pictures on have transported me to the magic, enchantment and exhaustion of Paris fashion week.

One of my favorite shows, Mui Mui, was a sweet combination of embellishments, sheer and sharp tailoring topped of with toung-in-cheek animal prints of cats and birds (excluding a slightly less innocent print of a nude lady lounging). I esspecially loved the little-girl frocks topped of with Rapunzel-Esque plaits and beading.

But What I most love about this collection is not the 1920's beading, or even the kooky cats, but the sheer wearablility of it all. I'm all for dream-like and extravagant fashion, but sometimes the dreamiest clothes are the ones you can see yourself actually wearing and living in, as yourself, and not anyone else.

Lady-Bird Kisses,

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  1. such a beautiful show! and yes I agree, as much as I enjoy looking at the more extravagant collections its so much more satisfying looking at clothes which are actually wearable.