Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michelle Obama in Rodarte

First lady Michelle Obama wore a stunning Rodarte dress to The Opening Ceremony of The International Olympic Committee session at the Copenhagen Opera House this October. I adore this dress - the cut, the jewelled neck piece, the pleating, the under-skirt sweetly peeking out, the simplicity of it all, but most of all the colour. The orange is so striking, and especially on her - she looks so glamorous and elegant. It certainly is a shame that people often shy away from bright colours, as it often gives that extra something to a beautiful dress. I could probably write a book about the orange in this dress - it is so glorious, so luminous that you cannot help but stare.

So, grey, be gone, all though you were such a comfort to me in the Autumn months. It is time to pull out the bright and luminous colours again, for summer nights, summer days, and hopefully, a season as radiant as the orange of her dress!

Lady-Bird Kisses,


  1. Nice.... but I still prefer Carla Bruni sans clothes in over-the-knee boots. Where did I see that pic again - on someone's blog yesterday! :D

  2. All round I prefer Carla Bruni too, but I just loved this dress!

  3. Interesting blog! thanks for your comment! xx


  4. Wow! She looks great!


  5. She is great !

  6. thank you for your kind words!

    i love rodarte. i hate when people say that it is un-wearable and unpractical. this just proves that it can be rocked elegantly!

  7. Ugh, LOVE!!

    Rodarte are on my favourite list indeed!