Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forget Me Not

Coco, a freelance illustrator based in London, after spending five years studying in Paris, and drawing for magazines including Vogue, Elle, Nylon and Muse, has launched a silk scarf label. The label is named Forget Me Not, and the scarves are enchantingly beautiful and fascinating - I would probably rather frame one than wear one! Each is a delicate mixture of geometric pattens and whimsical imagery - and hand rendered and digitally printed.

Sigh. If only I could afford one of these beauties, they would be perfect for dressing up any outfit, from adding colour to a grey winter coat to giving that extra something to a spring dress. Sweet but mysterious, they are works of art, indeed!

Lady-Bird Kisses,


  1. These are so pretty!
    (and in response to your comment: the foresst-y place is about twenty minutes away, but it is lovely)

  2. Oh ! So pretty !

  3. Thanks for coming by the blog! :) I really appreciate it.

    As for scarves, I have to say, I'd probably be the type to tie one on my purse, but not necessarily to wear one.

    I dunno. I've never been a wear-a-silk-scarf kind of girl. But I do love how beautiful they are

  4. Oh man, gorgeous!!! I want onnnne

  5. These are gorgeous! I love scarves. :)

  6. These are so lovely, but alas, I too am broke. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.

  7. They're wonderful - thanks for sharing!