Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Beginning.


This is my first blog post, a new beginning in a way. A little introduction - I will be posting various fancies and wonderings, musings and reverie on the prettier side of life, and hope to bring much liveliness and joy to who ever passes by.

Among many other things I'll be discussing all from fashion (in detail, of course!) to walks in the rain, to cakes and curtsies, to frocks and fairy-floss. But please bear with me while I figure out the tinks and kinks of blogging!

This is a new beginning. And here's to a new day and new beginnings, where-ever you are.

Lady-Bird Kisses,


  1. Bienvenue to the blogging world at last! The header looks nice too!

  2. Welcome! I can't wait to read more!!