Friday, November 6, 2009

It feels like hours but also like seconds...

Another week is done. Another week with it's promise, dread, anxiety and wonder. Another set of seven days. Seven days where sometimes, everything changes, and sometimes, everything stays the same. Seven days which often pass by so quickly that you begin to think you've been sleeping through the days, wandering through the hours, carelessly without a thought to the minutes going by, and you've suddenly awoken and realised how much time has gone by. Not all days are special, but we must try our hardest to make each day worth remembering, to notice the world around us. A fleeting smile, a laugh with the glory of a church bell, the footsteps in the mud. Perhaps life's defining moments do not always come to one's side with grandeur and glory, like a knight riding to battle, but rather as an old friend, quietly and softly creeping to your side to stay with you forever. Moments will come, with their charm and their mystery, their pain and their joy.
But we must welcome each moment and never, never let them pass us by.

Lady-Bird Kisses,

P.S: I'm sorry about the lack of posting, I'm afraid I'm quite weighed down with school and exams at the moment. But I'll be back!


  1. what an enchanting picture :)

    I hope your weekend will give you time to relax!

  2. stunning picture, great post
    good luckkkkkkkk

  3. wow did you write that? it's beautiful! hope you have a lovely day! and if you have facebook say hello :)
    big hugs x

  4. Hey Erinna, thanks for your lovely comment :)
    This post is really beautiful, and really encouraging..thanks for sharing..oh,that photo is absolutely beautiful :)

    I'll be following you, keep posting!

  5. Btw, Erinna, I'm quoting you in my last post, and linking you..Hope you don't mind :)

    You can check it out. if you mind just tell me, and I'll remove it, ok. thx dear :)

  6. Your blog is so beautiful! I love the picture you have for your header...gorgeous!

    I also love your style!

  7. Lovely photo.
    I nominated you for an award! Go check it out on my blog!

  8. Sweeeeeeeet. Love the pic by the way really!

  9. lovely writing

    and thankyou for my comment


  10. Your words are so beautiful, and everything you've written about the time, and the week, I relate to. I have this weird obsession with time.

    That picture is gorgeous.

  11. Your picture is lovely!... Honestly,I very much enjoyed reading your blog and will swing by again! Have a great day!